Art By Presa: Customer Referral Program!


I am an artist and an entrepreneur that is new to Miami.  I have works in the price range of $500 - $10k. I am reaching out to my network to bring in new clientele. However being new to Miami makes it difficult to connect with new clients.

I take tremendous pride in my level of service and my commitment I give to each and every one of my clients. I continue to develop my talent in art and have won awards for many of my pieces.

I am now ready to take my business to the next level and I need your help. I find that the most affected strategy in selling art is to work through referrals.

I’m excited to be offering you an opportunity to be a participant in this new referral program. I suggest when you have the time to please visit my website and social media sites to get a glimpse of some of the art I currently offer ( Keep in mind I am continuously trying to better myself, and my work.  Each new piece I make I try to upstage the last. I have worked with major hotels for commercial artwork, Murals, and also have done private custom commission pieces (depending on the client).


I want you to know I value your help and I am willing to offer 20% referral credit to you for a client that purchases original work from me.  This is a limited time offer till the end of the year.


Example Breakdown:

Painting- $8k

Referral Credit: $1600


I want you to know that I value each and every one of my connections. I want to continue to work with the people I connect with and develop a lasting relationship. Please keep that in mind whenever you are considering a referral.


Presa Hall

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